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Anita Andreoli

Yoga Therapist


In progress


Being a
Yoga Therapy Case Study

Your first steps towards a

more balanced life.

Yoga is a powerful discipline which can help you to achieve physical strength, manage your emotional state through breath and movements and connect to yourself by learning its philosophical principles. A Yoga therapist takes all these yoga tools and designs a practice uniquely built for you, based on your individual needs and wishes.

During the case study journey, you will be seen as a whole. What does that mean? It means that your physic
al, mental, energetic and emotional states will not be seen as separated by each other. Rather, they are closely interconnected and influenced one by the other.

If you think that yoga therapy is what you are looking for, download the free case study guide to read about it more in depth. Feel free to contact me if you want to sign up for this unique journey so we can discuss the schedule.

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